Membership in Long Island Angel Network is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. We are an investment group of peers, and seek as fellow members people known to us who have similar investment goals, activity levels and risk tolerances.

Membership Criteria
Our members:

  • Are all accredited investors (according to SEC rules).
  • Have track records managing and building successful companies either as entrepreneurs or operating executives.
  • Are experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs.
  • Form an extensive peer network of domain expertise and contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology.
  • Dedicate significant energy and effort to Long Island Angel Network¬†activities.

Individual Responsibility

Long Island Angel Network is a New York Non-Stock Not-for-Profit Corporation managed by an elected Board of Directors who supervise a loaned professional staff. Long Island Angel Network is not a fund and does not invest as a group. Our members collaborate on due diligence but make individual investment decisions and understand that investments in early-stage, privately-held ventures are risky and can be highly illiquid, so it can be several years before capital is returned, if ever. Serving on corporate boards can also expose an individual to substantial personal liability.

Membership Process
Membership in Long Island Angel Network is by invitation only. If you wish to be considered for membership, please call Keren at 855-852-8624 regarding your interest and you will be sent a copy of the membership agreement and bylaws for your review, a membership application to complete and return, and an opportunity to meet with representatives of the LIAN Membership Committee, who will explore your interest in the Network and answer any questions you may have. A prospective member is asked to attend as a guest at least one Network presentation meeting or other function prior to action on his/her application by the Membership Committee. The final step in the process is the completion of the membership agreement and submission of the annual membership fee.


Applications for funding must be submitted through the Website. Please click on the button and follow the instructions. Good Luck!

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