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Long Island Angel Network fulfills its mission by providing a forum in which its members can evaluate and exchange information about investment opportunities in early-stage and emerging growth companies and providing administrative support as its members help such companies grow. LIAN consists of individual angel investors interested in financing privately held companies or ventures typically at an early stage of development.

If any investment occurs as a direct or indirect result of LIAN activities in any company (a “Company Seeking Capital”) to which a member is introduced through LIAN , it will be solely on the initiative of the respective investors without participation of LIAN or its agents or employees. LIAN makes no representation or warranty as to any company or any investment opportunity.

LIAN is not a venture fund, investment bank, broker/dealer, investment advisor, investment clearinghouse, investment portal, or any other form of investment advisor or otherwise, and is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities commission. LIAN does not provide advice, recommendation or any other indication of appropriateness or inappropriateness for a particular investment. LIAN does not endorse any investment opportunity.

LIAN makes no independent investigations to verify the factual information submmitted to potential investors and LIAN makes no representations or warranties with respect to the information provided by applicant entrepreneurs. Each LIAN member must conduct his/her own analysis and due diligence and consult with any necessary professionals such as accountants and attorneys to determine the reliability of all information supplied by any Company Seeking Capital he/she is may be introduced to through LIAN and to determine the appropriateness of any investment he/she may make in any such Company Seeking Capital.

Membership in LIAN does not constitute an offer by LIAN to sell or solicitation by LIAN of an offer to buy any investment interest in the business ventures of applicant entrepreneurs. Any sale or purchase of any investment interest shall be a private transaction between the entrepreneur and the investor members without any participation by or remuneration to LIAN. LIAN has no financial interest in any firm posted on the LIAN Website or presented to the membership. LIAN meetings do not constitute an offer by LIAN to sell or solicitation by LIAN of an offer to buy securities of any presenter company. LIAN does not function as a broker-dealer or investment advisor and is not registered as such with any federal or state securities regulator.


Applications for funding must be submitted through the Website. Please click on the button and follow the instructions. Good Luck!

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