Ethan Auslander


Though not a full time angel, Ethan Auslander is determined to be one of the more active ones.  He comes to the Long Island Angel Network with over 40 years of investing and entrepreneurship knowledge and experience, emanating from his love of developing and growing businesses (He started very young). Entering the business world as a CPA at Deloitte’s New Ventures Group, Ethan fell into managing his ex-in-laws’ industrial property business almost 30 years ago. Though managing 100’s of tenants, he still had time to get involve with many other businesses over those years and still maintained a lean, profitable business with almost no vacancies during this tenure.

In 2013, Ethan got involved with angel investing by joining the Long Island Angel Network. His investment company is PEG Ventures LLC (PEG = Power Ecologically and Giving). The company’s focus is on energy savings, the environment, helping others and mentoring the less experienced. The company considers involvement in education and healthcare improvements but has connections for most other industries.


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